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Multi-hour team building events on how to live a healthier life:

An unforgettable baking workshop

The "No-Baking Night" created a sweet treat for all the senses!

With great anticipation, 10 enthusiastic participants arrived at the venue in Zurich. In addition to delicious sweets, we promised the participants valuable expertise for a healthy diet. And we lived up to this promise.

The workshop began with a warm welcome and a short round of introductions. With a mixed group of participants from different age groups and backgrounds, we started with the instruction and preparation of the treats.

We used raw ingredients such as dates, nuts and chickpeas to prepare various healthy treats. From chocolatey energy balls to nutty protein cookies, there was something for everyone.

During the workshop, I shared my expertise and gave practical tips on how to integrate such treats into a balanced diet. The participants asked many questions and were engaged and eager to learn.

The highlight was the moment we tasted our homemade sweets. The energy balls were juicy and aromatic, while the protein cookies were crunchy and nutritious. Healthy can also be delicious!

At the end, all participants were full of energy and happy about their newly gained knowledge. They left the workshop with smiles on their faces and a bag full of homemade sweets.

Our baking workshop was a great success and I thank all participants for their enthusiasm. Please contact me if you are interested in such a workshop.

Webinar Nutrition & Psyche

Over 200 people registered for the webinar on the topic of nutrition & psyche. The expert input followed by an interactive discussion was a complete success. I am very happy to be an inspiration for the improved health of so many people.Also I am very grateful for the sucessful cooperation with my partners and the steadily growing interest.🙏🏻💛

My webinar series now covers a variety of exciting topics, including:

  • More energy in everyday life
  • Sugar ABC
  • Gut health
  • Nutrition & psyche

These webinars are all about improving the health of your employees with simple nutrition tips. I'm looking forward to giving many more webinars, perhaps soon also in your company?

Impressions of the Future Day

On the future day of a leading global technology company, I was able to introduce the kids to a balanced diet.🥗


I was struck by how much some of the kids already knew a lot about nutrition! For example, most of them could easily name the functions of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables!


During the green smoothie drinking challenge, I was surprised by the courage of some of the kids.🥬🍏🧃 I must admit, the green drink could have put even adults off - and yet some of the kids tried the smoothie without hesitation and really liked it💪🏻

Die Kinder haben mir gezeigt, dass wir als Erwachsene der nächsten Generation so viel relevantes Ernährungswissen und Neugier Neues auszuprobieren weitergeben können. Als Ernährungsexpertin ist es mir deshalb eine 💛-ensangelegenheit mein Ernährungsfachwissen mit möglichst vielen Menschen zu teilen – dadurch können wir die Vorbildfunktion übernehmen, die die Erwachsenen von morgen brauchen.


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