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Natascha hat für unser Unternehmen bereits mehrere Webinare im Bereich Ernährung gehalten. Sie macht dies jeweils sehr kompetent, interaktiv und geht gut auf die Fragen und Anliegen der Mitarbeiter:innen ein. Ich kann ihre Dienstleistung im Bereich Webinare/Ernährung absolut empfehlen.
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Nani Nold
Diversity, Inclusion, Work Well Managerin, Allianz

World Mental Health Day Sunrise

The keynote speech on nutrition and mental health took place on the last World Mental Health Day.
The event was attended by 120 Sunrise employees. Numerous questions from the audience were answered during the event. Finally, a survey was sent out to all participants. The aim was to find out how employee health can be improved. The needs of the employees were thus collected in a targeted manner and concrete recommendations for action could be derived from them. Sunrise has decided to implement these recommendations together with healthynate in 2024.
Natascha hat für unser Unternehmen mehrere Webinare im Bereich Ernährung geführt. Sie verfügt über ein äusserst profundes Fachwissen, war absolut authentisch und sehr sympathisch. Ich kann ihre Dienste nur wärmstens empfehlen.
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Livia Arena
Customer Success Manager, KINASTIC AG

Impressions of the Future Day

On the future day of a leading global technology company, I was able to den Kids die ausgewogene Ernährung näher bringen.

I was struck by how much some of the kids already knew a lot about nutrition! For example, most of them could easily name the functions of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables!

During the green smoothie drinking challenge, I was surprised by the courage of some of the kids. hätte selbst Erwachsene abschrecken können – und doch probierten einige der Kids den Smoothie ohne zu zögern und mochten ihn sogar.

The children have proven that we as adults can pass on so much relevant nutrition knowledge and curiosity to try new things to the next generation. As a nutrition expert, it is therefore a 💛- matter to share my nutrition expertise with as many people as possible - in this way we can act as the role models that the adults of tomorrow need in order to live a healthy life.


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